Pubg mobile tips

Bikes are awesome & wicked fast. If you are in air & don’t want to lose control then always land on front tyre.

I love flying in map with bikes with randos & impress then with my awesome driving.

You can dismantle old Silver Fragments for the new Silver Fragments

Double check your parachute before jumping...

Be sure your earbuds are in the right ear.

I have some Bluetooth earbuds that are the same on left and right. Took me a few hits before I realized what was up.

Setup “Do Not Disturb” to Hide Notifications In-Game & Enable/Disable with Control Center for Easy Access

They don't like water.

Apologies if this has already been posted.If you get caught low on ammo or need to avoid the bosses, jump in water if it's in the safe zone.The zombies melt back into the ground when they hit the water if they are chasing you.

Whenever someone is rushing to you in a car, always remember to prone and align to the car if there's nothing you can do. The car will pass right above you without doing any harm.

PS. It's a bit risky but if you really don't have anything to do, then it really helps. BTW I'm not that much of a pro

Weapons are preloaded, so if you are low on ammo you can pick up and drop another e.g. M16 for some extra 30 ammo.

I am pretty sure a lot lf people already know about it, but i want to reach out to those who dont :)So this is highly situational, but i still find it good use. Even more if you play with a squad and want to maximize the ammo

Use 3 or More Finger While Playing

PUBG mobile had customized the controls of the button according to 2 finger controls but it would be better if you play with 3 or more fingers. As in 3 Finger, you get a better chance to aim, shoot and at the same time move your player as it is a dynamic control which is not possible in 2 Finger controls. You can also go with 4 or 5 Finger controls as it provides more benefits according to your controls customization. You need to practice hard while using 3 or more finger controls before playing any classic matches. (Related – How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile)

Use Gyroscopes While Shooting

The gyroscope can help to reduce the recoil of any gun when you shoot from far distances by just aiming down while shooting. The Gyroscope is also beneficial during sniping from a far distance, as the crosshair will have better accuracy. You can enable the Gyroscope by going in the PUBG Mobile settings and then click on Always On in the Gyroscope section.