Pubg mobile tips

Stay Prone in the last Play Zones

Do not run or crouch in the final zones as enemies will be able to see you. Try to keep yourself as much as you can in prone condition and shoot while prone itself. It will provide you more recoil control of your gun and enemies will not know from where are you shooting if you carry a suppressor in your gun.

Use Microphones to Properly Co-ordinate with your Teammates

Sometimes a microphone itself would help your team to survive till last as it provides proper coordinating with your teammates. Rather than saying Enemies Head, you can use Turn on your microphone and tell your teammates about the enemies and where they are hiding.

Choose your Guns Properly

While choosing your primary and secondary guns, choose which type of gun will suit you the best in the game. Most of the player tries to carry an Assault Rifle gun and a Sniper Gun with them. Do not carry guns like UMP9, Vector, Shotguns, etc which have a low damage ratio. Most of the player prefers to take M416 as the primary gun because it is stable, provide better damage, less recoil, etc in 5.56 category guns. You can also choose M762 as it is one of the best guns till now in PUBG mobile as it provides high firing speed, more damage, etc but the only drawback in M762 is its recoil. It is very tough to handle M762 recoil when shooting over long distances. Let’s move to other PUBG Mobile tips which will help you to win most of your games. (Related – Download Battleground Mobile India Apk for Android and iOS)

Take Cover and then Shoot the Enemies

It is better to first take the cover of something near you and then shoot the enemies. The cover will help you to get protection from enemy shots, or you can able to take health kits or painkillers with the help of cover near you if enemies are sniping you from a far distance.

Always Try to Keep Yourself At the Edge of the Play Zone

Most players try to capture the center of the play zone area location early. Do not try to get to the center of the play zone because it may happen that you will be surrounded by enemies from everywhere. Then you will end up ultimately getting killed by one of the enemies. It is better to run along the edges of the play zone, and take fights only when you are sure that you will be able to kill those enemies.

Choose a Safe Location

Most of the players land on some intense locations like Military base, Pochinki, etc and it is mostly impossible to clear all the enemies if you did not have proper loot, proper coordinating teammates, etc So it is better to land on safe locations like School, or locations which are mostly situated at the border of the map. As most of the enemies will not land on such locations, you can easily loot and wait until the next zone moves away from the location. The more you play safe, the more your chances increase to win the battle lobby. (Related – How to Get Free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile)

Adjust Your Graphics Quality

It is better to play in “Smooth” mode with Extreme FPS as it will reduce useless effects in the game giving a better chance to spot enemies hiding in the bushes or the grass. But your Smartphone must be capable to support 60 FPS in a smooth mode as most of the phones with low-end processors cannot support it. The more Frames you get, the better your game will run smoothly without lags. In my case, the phone processor was capable only to support the High mode in the Smooth section. But you must try to adjust it to Extreme mode if available on your smartphone. If you are facing any kind of lag or ping issue while playing the game, then just follow the steps mentioned in our PUBG/BGMI Lag Fix guide containing more than 22 methods to reduce ping and fix lag in the game.

Use Your Headphones to Hear Enemies Footsteps

PUBG Mobile developers had made a lot of effort to provide us with 3D audio which can help us to hear the footsteps of the enemies. Use a better quality headphone with noise cancelation features to hear the in-game sound more properly. All the Pro Gamers listen to Footsteps rather than seeing on the map to locate enemies near them.

Learn your Map and Playzones carefully

Always watch your play zones areas and mark that location which would be your next area to reach. All the maps are assigned with different degrees of loot items like Heavy loots, Medium loots, and Low loots. In Erangel locations like Military Base, Pochinki, etc are loaded with heavy loots. Same as in Sanhok areas like Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, are the best areas to visit for loots. Similar to Vikendi, and Miramar, there are locations that you must analyze before playing that map. Therefore, it is recommended that you first learn the map you are going to play every time.

Choose your Weapons Attachments Carefully

Properly choosing the attachments of your weapons sometimes helps a lot in winning the game. Like in beginning, it would be better if you have a compensator in your weapons as it reduces some amount of recoil, but in the last zones, try to attach suppressors or flash hiders to hide the firing spark. Each attachment is designed according to their needs in the guns. If you do not know what each attachment does in the weapons then you can read it from here. Now let’s move to the next tips in your list for PUBG mobile tips. (Related – PUBG Mobile Weapons All Attachments Details)