Pubg mobile tips

Good loot, low risk

  • Minas Generales (to the south west of San Martin)

More loot, high risk

  • Prison (on the south-west edge of the map, on the very corner)
  • Campo Militar (on the north-east corner of the map)

Most loot, very high risk

  • Hacienda del Patron (just above San Martin in the middle of the map)
  • Pecado (slightly to the south-west of San Martin, between Power Grid and Graveyard)

Turn on Auto-adjust Graphics

In Settings -> Graphics, you can also turn on ‘Auto adjust graphics’ to ensure a consistent frame-rate while playing. This basically means that if your phone starts over-heating, or if the battery gets low, PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust the graphics quality to compensate for it.

Adjust the Size and Position of Controls

Head over to Settings -> Controls -> Customize, and adjust the size and position of controls according to your needs. For example, I’ve made the grenade button a little larger to make it easier to tap, and I’ve shifted the left side fire button to where my left-thumb naturally lands, so I can shoot even faster.

Enable Auto-open Doors

Also inside Settings -> Basic enable ‘Auto open doors’ to quickly get inside buildings without having to constantly tap the door button. Do note that you’ll have to tap the button to close the door.

Enable The Left Side Fire Button

In Settings -> Basic, enable the ‘left-side fire’ button to easily shoot with the left hand while aiming with the right. This is very handy in scoped shots. Without the left-side fire button, you’ll find yourself aiming and shooting with the same hand, which, believe me, is really difficult.

Check if Aim Assist is On

Check that ‘Aim Assist’ is turned on for easier aiming. Aim assist is required on a touchscreen phone (usually) because aiming on a touchscreen isn’t nearly as accurate as aiming with a mouse is. A spot-on aim will help you take out enemies quicker and will also help in close-quarter-gunfights.

Use Gyroscope for Aiming Down Sights

PUBG Mobile brings the ability to use your smartphone’s gyroscope to aim. This can be incredibly helpful when aiming down sights, or when you’re scoped in since you’ll be able to move your phone to aim at enemies instead of having to touch and drag on the screen. To enable gyroscope, simply head into Settings and then Basic.

Play on the Edge

If you have a 4x or 8x scope, position yourself on the edge of the play zone where the blue circle is the nearest to the white. This will give you a complete view of the play zone, while vastly reducing the chances that a player might be coming from behind you.