Pubg mobile tips

Turn on Peek and Fire

In Settings (the settings cog on the top-right), go to Basic. Here, turn on ‘Peek & Fire.’ This allows you to peek from behind cover, allowing you to take shots without exposing too much of yourself. Keep in mind, you’ll still expose your head, so use it with caution.

Land Smartly

Jumping off the plane onto the right area on the battlefield is a key determiner of how the match will turn out. When you jump off the plane, don’t head towards the amusement parks where many people land. Instead, wait for the plane to reach the end of the trail before jumping. By then, most players will have jumped off and started fighting, something that might help you to easily get a few kills under your belt.

Stick To Your Team

In PUBG Mobile, being a loner will never accrue you the chicken dinners. You’ll need to get a dedicated team behind you. This allows you to garner high vantage points and also enables you to clear your enemies from all sides. Your teammates can also revive you when you get shot.

PUBG Mobile tips for the final face-off.

Towards the finish line, the safe zone will get smaller and this means you will encounter a fierce face off to get there. Also note that almost every hiding spot will be occupied by an enemy. You don’t want to be running around otherwise you’ll be the aim of every other contestant still standing. Use your earphones to listen to any movements and sounds – vehicles, footsteps, or gunshots. It would also be wise to stick to the safe zone’s outer edges and move stealthily. Be more patient towards the end. The one who gets out first carelessly will most likely lose. With these tricks, you will quickly master the art of winning in PUBG Mobile. You will have to bring out your best to be the last man standing. These tips will definitely help you be more efficient in action as well as remain safe at the end.

Take advantage of functions that make playing PUBG Mobile easier.

You can use a number of options to automate your actions for easier mobile gaming. Here are some of the most useful PUBG Mobile tricks for it:

  • Auto run: This simple addition to the mobile version of PUBG makes traversing easier and quicker. To activate this ability, you need to be running using the on-screen analogue stick. Drag the small green icon that appears ahead of your thumb and let it go to keep you running. This function also opens doors automatically unless someone else has closed the door.
  • Auto loot: This character automatically loots essential items such as your first weapon and weapon attachments, health items, painkillers and drinks.
  • Precision aiming: Serious shooting requires expert aiming. This function helps you to crouch down, use your right thumb to aim, and touch the fire button on the left side of your screen. You are also able to aim down sight using the icon on the right. These are not the only quick aids you can use. Continue learning how to make things easier using small touches that occur on your screen and you’ll soon be able to claim your victory as the last man standing.

PUBG Mobile cheats using vehicles.

PUBG Mobile provides you with several types of vehicles to help you in your battle. You will definitely find yourself in dire need for speed, either to get to a safe zone and save your life from a pursuing squad. If you don’t know how to drive, you will find yourself seated in a static vehicle and get shot in a second. When you walk to a vehicle, you will have an option to get in or drive it. Use the four buttons (up – accelerate, down – brake, right and left – navigation) to speed away. And DON’T touch the horn button unless you want to tell your enemies you need bullets coming your way. The icon with four squares at the bottom right corner helps you to shift seats when you need to get to a safer or better shooting position. Press Exit to get off the car when it’s safe. You’ll also need to know which type of vehicle to use in different circumstances. Aspects to consider include speed, size and security features of the vehicle.

  • If you are alone or with one partner, a motorcycle is the fastest ride you can get.
  • The UAZ is a reliable jeep that can accommodate a maximum of four players. It offers some protection from bullets but isn’t great speed wise.
  • The best four-seater for war is the Dacia. Being the only sedan in the PUBG Mobile fleet, it’s faster and offers more protection against bullets.

Be stealth to survive.

The main objective of playing PUBG is to SURVIVE. The action may be fun, and you may be tempted to make as many kills as possible. Now, that excitement might get you killed which is why you need to be as secretive as possible in your movements. When an opponent comes into your vicinity, don’t rush to pull the trigger. If you can quietly move past that location, the better you will go unharmed. Opening fire may make the opponent’s teammates appear. If you really have to shoot, consider using a silencer. It will help you shoot safely without revealing your location. Also Check: PUBG Mobile for PC

Smart tricks on basics of combat.

PUBG Mobile has many functions to help you fight opponents from different distances. When approaching a potentially dangerous zone, you’d better use your sniping capabilities. If your rifle has a scope, use the down sight function to zoom in on your opponents and easily aim a single head shot. In a mid- to close-range combat, you need to fire faster otherwise your opponents will take you down first. Use hip fire to survive these situations. Constantly strafe when the opponent fires at you to reduce the chances of being hit. Another thing you might want to consider is to recoil your weapon when aiming. Recoil helps you to readjust your aim. Also utilize burst fire weapons to win in these situations.

Team play can be great.

Playing PUBG with your friends can increase your chances of winning the game. You can team up with other great players and form a squad of four players. That way, you can strategize better, merge your skills, and even share resources. Another important thing is that when one of you goes down, the others can revive him and continue the game. So, don’t jump down alone to face the terrifying enemies. You can form a formidable force with your friends and storm the battleground.

Never stand still in PUBG.

If you don’t want to be an easy target, never standstill. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, like looting for items or camping. Always make sure you’re not steady to avoid dying unceremoniously. An enemy that sees you standing still can fire a headshot and send you to the afterlife. So, try moving all the time; you can stand, crouch or wiggle.