Solotravel tips

More People, More Fun, Less Money

A solo trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is what we’re all about here on ThemeParkHipster, but going to Universal Hollywood Studios with all your friends or family can be so much fun. It can actually save you money. The park offers discounts for big parties (of ten or more people), and it is worth a call to the park if you are planning to buy that many people. Take more people, have more fun, and actually spend less money (in comparison.)

Go on the World-Famous Studio Tour

Sometimes people skip out on the Studio Tour because it is time-consuming and may not sound that exciting, but you must do it. Especially, on your first trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. The whole tour is packed with movie magic that will leave quite happy. Plus, it’s a nice break to rest your feet just in case you don’t have hotel to go back to in the middle of the day to take your break since it lasts for about 60-minutes.

Take a Snapshot of Where You Parked

This next tip is known by most theme park regulars but is very important, especially if you do not have a photographic memory. When you park, take a picture of the section sign. It will help you can get back to your car after a long day of adventure and fun. Plus, it’s not fun at all when you are leaving a theme park exhausted from a day of fun only to spend hours wandering around the parking lot looking for your car. This is one of the best Universal Studios Hollywood tips you must do!

Share Food to Try More

There is so much food to try at Universal Studios, and you will probably want to try it all. So, get one or two of each thing (depending on how big your party is) on the menu, and all try it. This way, you can try all the specialty foods you want. Even if you could eat that entire donut from Springfield, you may not want to because then you cannot try all the other delicious foods. Plus, it’s like you’re creating your own foodie tour around the park.

Get Photos not Signatures

At Universal Hollywood Studios, the characters rarely sign autographs; they just take pictures. While this is a bummer, I think that photos are the better souvenirs. Just remember to print them out from your phone once you get home.

Know How to Conquer Universal Studios Hollywood in One-Day

You may be asking if it is possible to do it in a day, and yes, it is, to an extent. While you may not get to try all the foods, see all the shows, and ride all the rides, it is possible to experience the majority of Universal Studios in a day. If you are trying to accomplish this, though, you want to follow most of the tips above and map out a plan of attack beforehand. Remember to prioritize and do things by location! This is one of the best Universal Studios Hollywood tips to remember.

Experience the Must-Do Rides

Universal Studios Hollywood has some of the top theme park attractions in the country. So, be sure to put these experiences on your must do list!

Go Solo!

Now you know that I had to drop this tip in just for you. If you have never thought about going to a theme park alone, then Universal Studios Hollywood should be one of the parks you consider making that solo trek. Why go solo? Going solo allows you to do Universal your way! This is the MAIN PERK of going to Universal Studios alone. Plus, you can take advantage of the Single Rider Line, making it one of my favorite Universal Studios Hollywood tips! Read: 5 Amazing Benefits of Going to Theme Parks Alone (Solo Travel for Women)

Have Fun!

Your Universal Hollywood trip will be what you make it, so please try to enjoy yourself. Sometimes the unexpected or annoying points of your vacation make for the best stories. Theme Park Hacks at Your Finger Tips. Plan your next vacation with the latest tips and tricks on the ThemeParkHipster App. Download Today!

Save Shopping at the End of Your Visit

If you are getting souvenirs, buy them at the end of your trip. This way, you do not have to carry them around with you and can save time by entering the shops as they empty out at the end of the day. As you make your way back to the park entrance, stop into your favorite shops and buy all the things you’ve had your eyes on throughout the day. This is one of the top Universal Studios Hollywood tips to remember.