Survival tips

Learn To Garden

There’s always a chance the next disaster could last longer than your food cache. In this case, gardening could be a very valuable skill. Even if you don’t have enough space to grow a lot of food, you can still trade this skill with people who can help you in other ways. Here’s how to start a survival garden.

Store Some Water

No one can go more than 3 days without water so this should be a top priority. If you haven’t started storing water, take a look at this article.

Get A Bug Out Bag

I know this site is all about surviving in the city, but there are certain disasters that could force you to relocate. Just in case that happens, you should make a bug out bag.

Build An Emergency Fund

Before you get out of debt, save $1000. Once you are out of debt, save at least another 3 months’ worth of income. I know this is easier said than done. Doing this could take years, but there’s no reason not to get started right away. To help you out, here’s how you can lower your bills.

Get Out Of Debt

A financial crisis is one of the most likely disasters we face in the coming years. If the economy enters a deflationary downward spiral as it did during the Great Depression, having a lot of debt will put you in a terrible position. Due to all the money printing, we may also have hyperinflation, and some preppers are taking on massive debt with the assumption that their debt will be wiped out, but please don’t do this. There’s no way of knowing for sure what will happen, and it’s not worth the risk.

3 Identification of Edible Plants

To survive in the woods, survivalists must possess the skill of identifying edible plants. Food is vital to keep going and be energetic. You may not find food easily though. Plants must be chosen very meticulously. Many of them can be very poisonous, so certain facts are required to be kept in mind. One must never intake plants or fruits of plants having thorns. Avoid plants if you see they have a milky fluid oozing out from the stem or bark. Enriching your knowledge of edible plants by reading books or learning about them from any source is quite helpful in this situation.

2 Navigation

While in a forest, the utmost significant thing is to head in the right direction and not to get lost. Survivalists must carry a compass that will aid them in the proper navigation of direction. Besides that, they may also use certain other methods of determining the correct direction. The cobwebs are found only on the southern side of the trees. In case you spot some of them, it can act as a source of determining direction. The position of the sun can also be used to figure out the correct direction. Another method you can try is to put a stick on the ground and then mark the end of the shadow on the ground. When the shadow moves, mark the end of the new position of the shadow. The direction that you will usually get is east to west.

1 Stay Calm and Cool!

In remote areas where you will go camping, many unfortunate incidents may come your way. Keep your mind calm and try to handle the situation by applying your survival skills. No matter how fatal the situation may seem, it will never be as dangerous as your frightened mind will make you believe. The key to a safe trip is to keep yourself cool and solve it with accurate skills. It is better to control your negative emotions and be optimistic.

4 Constructing Tools and Implements

A survivalist must know properly how to make important tools (spear) with natural materials available. Having a spear helps an individual to catch small game animals or fishes for food. For making a spear, they can select any stick which is long and straight. The next step will be to split its end to create a structure resembling a fork. The last step will be to separate the fork with a sharp object and then sharpen each fork with a knife.

3 Methods of Transmitting Survival Signals

The dangers of outdoor activities are highly unpredictable. One never knows in which danger they may land. In such cases, seeking help by sending a signal can save your life at such critical times. It is recommended to carry certain combustible materials so that you can send the visible signal through the fire. Another easy way to transmit a survival signal is to use either the screen of mobile phones or any other reflective device to flash a light (including the natural light of the moon).