Survival tips

Put tampons on your survival first aid kit!

Tampons are very effective in dealing with deep wounds because they were designed to absorb lots of moisture. They also gradually take the shape of the wound as they swell over time. You can bring lots of them because they’re small, lightweight, can be bought almost anywhere, and are pretty inexpensive.

Use toothpaste to relieve bug bites.

This is a well-known home remedy for burns and some wounds, but few people know that their tooth paste can help treat bug bites as well. This is because they have properties that will help sooth any itchiness or pain that most bug bites cause. They will also help reduce any swelling that might result from the bites.

Get water from trees.

This works on any tree, but it works better with those with leaves that are directly exposed to the sun. Wrap a plastic bag around the leaves. When the sun forces the water inside the leaves to evaporate, the water will be trapped inside the plastic bag and settle into the plastic bag. With proper positioning, the water will be trapped in a way that you can simple poke a hole through the bag so that the water flows through. You can then keep the water in a container. Note: Make sure your plastic bags are clean. It takes grit and a little bit of creativity, but sometimes knowing unique places to find water will be the difference maker in staying hydrated. Similarly, you can use the same tactic to extract water from plants.

Learn basic body insulation.

This is a life saver in many situations where you’re caught in really cold weather and you’ve got no means of starting a fire. Simply stuff newspaper, dry grass, and leaves under your clothes and you’ll be retaining significant amounts of body heat when you need it the most. You can do this to almost all of your clothing, from head to toe.

Improve taste of water by using simple survival techniques.

The water from swamps, even after they’ve been purified, can still smell really dodgy. To remedy this, add some charcoal to the water while it’s being boiled. Not only does this add to the purification process, but it also makes the water taste much more “drinkable” and jettison the bad smell.

Learn how to do S.O.S, among other survival tactics.

This signal is literally a lifesaver, so you need to know how to do it in both light and sound. The signal is represented by three dots followed by three dashes, followed by three more dots. In sound, this means having three quick taps followed by three slow taps, and then three more quick taps. The same can be applied to using light signals. Make sure you practice this before you go out there.

Know the universal “wave.

Stand up with your legs apart. Raise both your arms and wave them up and down. You’ll look like you’re doing jumping jacks, only without the jumps.

Setting up camp in the proper location is the first of all outdoor survivor techniques.

The rule is to stay high and dry. Staying dry means you stay away from bodies of water, as convenient as it may seem. This is because water attracts both insects and animals; the presence of either near your camp could cause complications. Higher ground also means a better view of your surroundings while making it easy for rescuers to spot you. You can also work on picking a place that makes your camp easy to spot from the sky.

It’s a natural reaction to be scared and nervous when you find yourself in trouble

Try to eliminate the negative thoughts and try to control your breathing so that you can stay calm. It is essential to focus more on being calm and finding a solution than to worry, panic or to become anxious. There are many tricks you can use to stay calm and chewing gum is one of them. If you find yourself in a situation that makes you nervous, you can chew gum to calm down. Your brain will associate the eating sensation with a peaceful scenario as you wouldn’t be eating if you were in danger. These tips and tricks can be really useful when it comes to surviving or finding yourself somewhere in the wilderness or the outdoor. The tricks and the tips are really easy to learn. They can save your life when you do not have any other plan or when you do not know what to do in order to survive. This article was written by Anthony Maldonado. Click here to read more about his passions.

Learn how to cook in the wilderness

You may find yourself in a situation when you will need to cook the food in order to survive. The best way took your food is to grill it or to boil in case you have something in which you can do that. In the beginning, you will need to set the fire and use some metal rods to improvise a grill. You can make soup or tea or maybe to boil your food by creating a cup from aluminum sheets. You should also learn which plants are edible and which are not in order to avoid food poisoning. More on wilderness survival cooking here: