Survival tips

The best fuel source: Lava

So you made it to the Nether or maybe there’s a surplus of lava in your closest lava pit. In that case, ditch all that grimy coal and get a bucket of lava and throw it in your furnace. A single bucket of lava can smelt 100 items while a whole block of coal can smelt just 80 items.

Automate your work

We talked about machines to sort your items earlier. But that’s not where it stops. You can make automatic farms, automatic item smelters and a lot more! This makes your work easier and is a cool thing to have in your world.

The Mushroom Biome is the safest and most peaceful place to be

Want some peace and calm? Head over to your closest Mushroom Biome where hostile mobs won’t spawn in unless there’s a mob spawner nearby or you didn’t sleep for 3 days, in which case phantoms would start pursuing you.

Use the right potions

You now have the resources you need to brew some potions. In that case, depending on what kind of work you need to do, prepare some potions so that your work becomes easier. Use water breathing potions to stay underwater for longer periods of time, fire resistance potions to stop yourself from going up in flames or a health potion to fix yourself up.

Make use of the most efficient mining tools

Using an axe, pickaxe or shovel enchanted with Fortune III will allow you to collect more drops per block. This means that with a Fortune III Pickaxe, you can get multiple drops from a single block of diamond ore rather than a single drop per diamond ore. Similarly, the Efficiency Enchantment allows you to break down blocks more efficiently.


Once you have a base and enough resources, go out into the wild to truly enjoy the game and expand your world. Just remember the bare essentials you need to survive in the wild and untamed lands and you’re good to go.

Keep an eye on the durability of your tools

It’s always very frustrating when you’re mining and your last pickaxe breaks or you’re trying to take down a horde of zombies when your sword breaks or your elytra breaks while you’re flying around in your world. Remember it’s cheaper to fix up your gear instead of making a new one when it breaks. As the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Always carry a water bucket

One should make it a point to carry a water bucket in Minecraft. Whether it be to get down a ravine, walk over lava or save yourself from a tall fall. Water buckets are a multipurpose tool that you should always carry.

Stay safe underground

Being resource-rich, caves are also equally dangerous. Always use torches to keep areas lit, keep a weapon on your hotbar at all times and wear armour. If you want to take extra precautions, a shield won’t hurt.

Need a clock or a compass? You don’t have to craft them to use them

This is a trick everyone should know. Clocks and compasses aren’t used all that often but take up space in your inventory and require resources. Instead of crafting them, simply head over to your crafting recipes and the clock and compass over there can work even without crafting them.