Survival tips


Currently, there are 5 Characters that you can play in the game, each with its advantages.

  • Human:Unlock Cost: Free Bonus: MP Gains +5%
  • Elf:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: HP Recovery per sec +0.1%
  • Demons:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: Attack +5%
  • Spirits:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: Magic Cooldown -2%
  • Jack o Lantern:Unlock Cost: P 2000 Bonus: Cloaking Level +1. Character Size +15% Note: points can be obtained by playing the game.


personally, I suggest that you master the basic class, Wizards, because of its ability to increase your level by 4 at the start of each run. This will easily help you increase your spell level, while keeping the enemy strength low.

Spell Fusion

If you didnt know yet, when you level up 2 max level spell, you are able to combine both into a one really powerful spell. However not every spell is fusionable, and you will probably need to see our spell fusion guide!

Looping < One way

In my experience of playing the game, the game usually spawns Mp globe when you loop around it. So go away from the area, and then come back to that place. If you are lucky, there is going to be 3-4 Mp globe when you come back.

Spells X Equipments= power!

In this game, aside from spell, there are going to be some equipment that are going to increase the effectiveness of your spell. Before upgrading your spell, if you could you should definitely get at least one piece of equipment by exploring the vicinity of the map. For example, there is an item called the brand of satan, that is going to spray Fireball every way after you fire 66 Fireballs. If you combine with the ability of penetration and fire 2 firebolts each time. It is going to be an awesome way to kill the enemies that come to you.

Practice A Can-Do Attitude

One of the most important pieces of surviving any kind of emergency is your attitude. A positive, hopeful attitude will help you stay calm and think clearly even when things are tough. If you’re well prepared and have a good attitude, most of the ‘emergencies’ you will face will be a minor inconvenience and an opportunity to have more family time.

Store Your Preps Safely

Put careful consideration into where and how you need to store your safety and food items. The basement may be the most logical choice, but even dry basements can flood in a hurricane or an unusually heavy rainstorm. You don’t want to waste all your time, money, and effort to have your items destroyed by a surprise emergency. Be sure firearms are stored properly to prevent devasting accidents, as well.

Keep Your Preps Organized

Being prepared won’t do you any good if you can’t find what you need when you need it. Even if you aren’t the most organized person in the world, you can find ways to keep your preps stored in an organized manner. At the very least, put like items together in well-labeled tubs so you always know where they are.

Teach Your Kids

Kids need to learn to be prepared, too! Simple things like keeping their bedrooms clean, helping with basic chores, and learning survival skills will help your kids learn to be safe and not scared in tough situations. They’ll gain a lot of confidence from things like camping and gardening, and it’s amazing how much they can help you when it’s needed. Image: Father Teaching Daughter To Build A Fire

Try Out Some Old School Skills

Sewing, reading maps, using a compass, chopping firewood, starting a fire without matches and other old school skills should be practiced on a regular basis. You’ll have more confidence knowing you have these abilities at your fingertips and you’ll be able to relax and be more flexible.