Teenagers tips

Dont spend money on a girl or boy you're not going to spend at least the next two years of your life with.

Coming from someobe who essentially waisted 40 bucks on a relationship that only lasted 5 months.

Dont watch scary movies when youve got psychosis.

Worst fucking idea imaginable

Cum tastes better if you drink apple juice.

The pre is more bitter tho I swear I dont normally eat it

Listen to Molchat Doma (or Молчат Дома).

Underrated as hell and really good too

Don't create your username when you're stupid.

Otherwise you might have a spelling mistake in it like me.

Don’t make a username at all.

Yeah don’t be like me

Don't be a psuedo turbo virgin.

I was playing phasmophobia when a dude literally asked a girl if she could ship him gamer girl piss, so yeah don't be weird, be yourself and certainly don't act like Gandalf's inbred grandchild that's missing a chromosome just becuase your behind a screen

If you ever have to turn in a written assignment on online class, just write some scribbles on a paper and put the image in a really low quality! Here is an example:

Lay a layer of toilet paper down in the toilet water to prevent splash noise when pooping in public.

Credentials? I’ve been pooping since I was born.

If you're up at 3AM doing homework and you feel like sleeping, don't. Finish it off then sleep. Can't be late twice.

Personal experience :P