Teenagers tips

Put a ring on thine issues

Use the thesaurus if you wanna sound like an intellectual

Don’t put your real name as your username.

Don’t describe yourself in your username

Don't claim your free award until you have found a post that deserves an award.

There is no timer on your award until you actually claim it. This way you can ensure your award goes to a good post.You don't get to see what kind of award it is until you open it tho :(EDIT: I literally said you can ensure to give your awards to a good post that actually deserves it, so stop giving it to mine

The girlfriend trick

You can emulate the original Pokemon on a ti-84! Also, you can emulate GBA/C games on a ti-nspire.

Just a tip. If you want instructions hmu

If you are cold, drink antifreeze

When you get screenshotted in snapchat screenshot back to assert dominance.

Works 99% of the time

Before fighting the Ender Dragon use a bed to set your spawnpoint right next to the end portal.

So if you die you can go get your stuff and keep on fighting