Teenagers tips

Dont make your user name a description of yourself

Don’t put your real name as your username.


Just dont it's stupid

Dont take 12,500 mg of aspirin in under an hour.

You'll probably fuggen die

Beat your meat before an exam so that when you take it you’re in post-nut clarity

When you buy high waisted denim shorts, do NOT buy 100% cotton ones.

You wont be able to sit. buy stretchy ones. those super stretch american eagle shorts are nicei dont care what you buy as long as it not 100% cotton. good night.

If a girl says “don’t send me your dick” maybe you shouldn’t send her your dick???

Ask a girl out with a ring pop to increase chance of obtaining a girlfriend

If someone asks for titty pic and you say "hold on" and then that someone says"ight" don't send back "sorry im tired" bc ur just getting hopes up for no reason and that hurts

Don't jack off when you're in the hospital with a wireless heart monitor on you.

It can't tell the difference between a orgasm and a heart attack.