Teenagers tips

Take them on a virtual field trip.

Substitute teachers can still go on field trips without stressing about parent permission slips and bus assignments. Take them on a virtual field trip to the zoo, museums, aquariums, and more.

Build relationships.

“Build relationships with the students. You most likely will see them again at some point and will be happy when you remember their name and something they told you.” —Colleen F.

Stay confident.

“It’s all about your attitude. You can’t let them sense fear, nervousness or uncertainty. They feed on it!” —Jesse B.

Keep it clean.

“Keep the room at least as tidy as you found it. Especially if you plan on going to that school regularly, you don’t want to be known as the messy sub!” —Megan F.

Prepare with videos.

Check out the YouTube Channel How to Be a Great Substitute Teacher. There are videos on starting class, discipline in different grades, and more!

Act confident.

Even if you don’t feel it. “Fake it ‘til you make it!” —Tanya M.

Create a mobile desk.

“I have a mobile ‘desk.’ I carry extra paper, pencils, post its, paper clips, pens, pencils, band-aids, Tylenol… Anything I might use because I don’t like entering a teacher’s desk if I don’t know them.” —Jennifer G.

Manage the classroom.

Even substitute teachers have to manage the classroom. We love these classroom management tips, especially for substitutes, from The Cornerstone.

Follow the plans.

“Follow the teacher’s plans to a tee…they took the time, energy, and effort to leave those plans for a reason.” —Terri Y.

Go in early.

“Go in a little early! Let them know it’s your first day & that you are excited to be there! Say, ‘Any advice or first-day directions?’ Introduce yourself to the teachers in the adjacent classrooms and say the same things.” —Sandy M.