Top 10 Teenagers tips

Don't create your username when you're depressed

Do NOT send messages while you're horny

Don’t put your real name as your username.

Use the thesaurus if you wanna sound like an intellectual

Follow the plans.

“Follow the teacher’s plans to a tee…they took the time, energy, and effort to leave those plans for a reason.” —Terri Y.

Go in early.

“Go in a little early! Let them know it’s your first day & that you are excited to be there! Say, ‘Any advice or first-day directions?’ Introduce yourself to the teachers in the adjacent classrooms and say the same things.” —Sandy M.

Don’t describe yourself in your username

Fill your time.

However, if you finished those plans and the kids are getting antsy, here are 24 awesome ideas to make sure your students are engaged and learning, even when you only have a few minutes.

The girlfriend trick

Fill those last few minutes.

Need even more ideas for substitute teachers to fill time? These are perfect for the awkward few minutes right before the bell rings.