Tinder tips

Ask the Person Out

Once you are finally talking to the person, it is important that you take the flame to the next level. Asking out someone on a date may seem scary, but do not be nervous. Usually, the other person is just as nervous. Ask them out in a normal way and do not lose hope if they say no. It may be too soon or the person may not be comfortable yet. Do not take it to your heart. Remember, it is online dating and still has some risks. Always meet your date in a public area and do your background checks.

Keep It Flirty

Remember, this is Tinder. They are here to date, not make friends. Do not be afraid to be a little flirty. However, this does not mean that you should go all out crazy. At this time, keep it light and flirty. Have fun and do not go crazy. The conversation will become very dry and stale if you do not add interesting elements to it. Remember to keep it interesting. If the opposite person dislikes it, stop immediately. Different things work for different people. In the end, a connection is important and not everyone will have it. With time you will learn the patterns and understand how to flirt and how tinder works. Tinder can be rewarding for the charming ones out there. This is one of my most important tips on 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks.

Keep the Conversation Going

Okay, you have got great pictures, a decent bio and a match, what now? Once the conversation has started, make sure it does not die. It is very easy to run out of things to say. Things tend to get awkward and it is easy to get buried in a sea of messages. The trick is to keep the conversation on its toes. Keep it steady, talk about each other, ask questions. Remember, people love talking about themselves. Talk about TV. your hobbies, their hobbies or anything interesting you might find on their profile.

Make An Interesting Instagram Profile

I don’t expect you to get thousands of followers overnight, but getting a decent profile is not tough. Tinder can now directly connect to your Instagram. However, this gives you more chance to showcase who you really are. The person will tend to spend more time on your profile if you have a great one. Exploit this, as this tip the odds in your favour. An interesting profile showing your hobbies, interests, lifestyle certainly gets you matches. Use this feature and make sure your profile is filled with an interesting bio and great photos.

Be Confident

Confidence is key when it comes to dating. Text her first, be a gent. Confidence is a key that can get you into many places. However, Tinder may seem daunting at first but once you learn the ins and outs, you will be a Tinder hero.

Get Better Photos

If you are not getting enough matches, you have to look into your profile. It is likely that your photos aren’t as good as they could be. However, Tinder is a very shallow social media and people judge each other just on photos. The best Tinder tip here is to go out and just snap photos. Start with selfies, ask friends to take great pictures. Better photos will help you in the long run. However, Matches are more likely to swipe you if you have high quality and nice photos on your profile. Ask your friends about how your photos look. Getting a good picture will seem like a task at first but later becomes second nature. Also find your angle and go for it. Just smile and let the camera do the magic!

Don’t Try Too Hard

Trying too hard or seeming desperate may turn off many people. Desperation is not attractive. If they are not replying fast enough, stop bothering them. Spamming them with messages will only make you look pathetic. Keep it cool, if they are not interested, let them be. Puppy love and desperation is not endearing.


This is kind of a sticky and relative tip. Everyone likes compliments, but different things work for different people. While compliments about physical looks and hotness are okay, always aim to be unique. There is nothing special about the former types of compliments. Instead, compliment their intelligence, wit, sense of dressing. This will always set you aside from others. But remember to never overdo it. It can truly creep someone out if you keep complimenting them for no reason. Keep it cool and try to play it off as if it is no big deal.

Get The Conversation Off Tinder ASAP

The faster you get their Instagram username or number, the better. Too long a conversation on Tinder and you risk boring the person. It is always a good idea to get the person’s number. At this time, it is way more personal and could mean that the person is interested. On tinder, it is easy to get buried in the mass of other people texting. So if a conversation fizzles out, chances fizzle out too. So remember my Tinder tip and always aim to get the conversation off Tinder ASAP. This is one of my biggest tips on my list of 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks.

Be Nice

This might seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many people are rude online. You might come off rude if you try too hard to be funny or witty. Just chill it. Everyone likes a nice person. Being nice always pays off. In reality, nice guys always finish first. Being nice is important, that is why it is on my list of 15 Best Tinder Tips and Tricks.