Tinder tips

Don't just check spelling, check grammar too.

Chicks Love Road Rage

Post a shirtless pic of doing an athletic thing (swinging golf club, baseball bat, etc) even if you’re not in that good of shape.

I’m not “fit” by any means. I started going to the gym consistently a few months ago and I’m far from jacked. But I still was like fuck it and posted a shirtless pic swinging my dads golf club in my backyard and my likes shot up. Fuck being modest this is a superficial app and people have literally seconds to judge you. I know when I see a girl wearing less I’m more likely to swipe right lol even if she isn’t in perfect shape Get a bat, ball whatever set a timer on your phone, FLEX, and take an action pic. I think it helps a lot doing an athletic thing so you seem more “natural” lmao. I rarely play golf but fuck it. It’s hard enough getting likes as it is as a dude. If girls can wear less to get likes why can’t we flex to do the same. Good luck out there boys

When guys are creepy, send them Chuck E. Cheese’s official bio line by line until they unmatch

Don't be a Dick for no Reason

If you don't update past 4.0.4, Tinder doesn't have the functionality to limit your likes. Also how to get back to 4.0.4.

So I'm betting tinder has had the functionality for its rewind, and location change in it for awhile and simply flipped a flag on a database to turn it on. However, limiting swipes appears to be a new functionality put in by a more recent update.What this means is that if you're using an older version of the app, there's no code in it to limit your amount of likes.Here's my proof: http://i.imgur.com/Z0otfJd.pngTinder plus doesn't even offer unlimited swipes, because unlimited swipes doesn't exist in my version of tinder.So if you have an android and are up to date, simply uninstall your current version of Tinder, google "Tinder 4.0.4 apk" (there's a few sites hosting it up), and download that version onto your phone.

Dont start of the conversation with a roast