Travel tips

Bring board games and other activities for family fun

Board games will help your family enjoy time indoors if the weather gets too ugly to play outside. Here are a few great board and card games that you can easily play in the RV.

Bring a collapsable storage tote or two

Collapsible storage totes can be used to tote campfire supplies like s’mores ingredients, napkins, glasses, and beverages, and make decent impromptu tables to put campfire essentials on.

Pack an Extra Pair of Socks

You might want to bring a pair of running socks to wear in your room. More cozy and you may not want to walk barefoot in your compartment or in your “good” socks.  I bring a pair of hotel slippers (still in the cellophane). Shoes are required to be worn when walking through the cars.

Dietary or Medical Needs

You will need to bring your own cooler. Amtrak cannot heat or store personal items. Your room attendant can get ice for you to replenish as needed.

Mobility Limitations

Amtrak has lifts for wheelchairs or if you are unable to climb the steps onto the train. Make sure Amtrak is notified that you’ll need lift assistance. Lower level accommodations include roomettes and a wheelchair accessible room with en suite facilities.

Staying Charged

There are electric outlets in every room so you can keep your phone etc. charged.

Waiting in Line for Dining in the Dining Car

If you’re waiting in line to be seated in the dining room and the line is too long, do not stand in the vestibule. It’s way too dangerous. Just wait in the previous car until you can safely cross into the dining room.

B.Y.O.B. – Yes, You Can

If you’d like a cocktail before dinner in the comfort of your room, you can bring your own booze. Just ask your room attendant for a cup with ice. Or you can buy beer, wine and spirits in the café car.  You can’t bring your own alcohol into the dining car, but you can order it.

Ask Your Attendant for a Second Blanket

You never know how cold or drafty it might get during the night. The new blankets are thinner and each one is cleaned and sealed in plastic. Don’t open the second blanket unless you need it. Keep it clean for the next passenger. If you’re in coach, it’s wise to bring a small, warm throw blanket.

Take Advantage of Longer Train Stops

What used to be called “cigarette stops” are now called “fresh air breaks.” You can get exercise walking the length of the train. For me, a train car length is about 35 steps. If an average Amtrak overnight train is 10 cars (not including the engine or baggage car) then I can walk about 1500 steps in a 10 to 15-minute stop (dodging other passengers and smokers slows you down). To make the most of your Fresh Air Break, be ready to detrain as soon as departing passengers have stepped outside.