Travel tips

Join My Vegas!

By joining My Vegas in advance, you have time to play for free rewards before your trip to Vegas.

See A Show On The Fly And Save

If you don’t care where you sit at a show or which show you see, use Tix4tonite or other discount ticket booths for half-priced tickets.

A Better Way from the Strip to Rio

Walking from the Strip to the Rio may seem like a good idea and look close, but it is not. You will have to navigate without sidewalks and through a major highway interchange so be sure your life insurance premiums are up to date if you do so. A better option is a free shuttle that runs between Harrah’s and the Rio.

Pre-game In Your Room

If you want to get your game or “buzz” on, have drinks in your room before heading out to a pool party or club. Drinks there can be near $20 each. Plan a quick trip to a nearby drug or liquor store for better booze budgeting.

Keep an eye on your drink

From tourists to locals, keeping an eye on your drink is one of the best tips available. Those pretty blue eyes can be up to no good when she slips a little Roofie in your drink. This is one of the worst ways to spend your Vegas vacation, so be cautious.

Pre Buy Entry Tickets and Save

The best way for guys to get into clubs without paying a bottle service is to buy pre-sale nightclub tickets. FYI, there’s no gender equality in Vegas clubs, in general, guys pay more to enter and drink in clubs than gals.

Your Bank Is Your Best Friend

Notify your bank that you’ll be vacationing in Las Vegas. If you don’t, it’s likely they will put a hold on your card for fraud protection. You may find yourself in a pretty lousy situation if you can’t get a hold of them.

Watch Out for CNF Charges

A hidden cost at some Las Vegas restaurants is called the CNF, or “concession” fee. This fee is tacked onto one’s bill, often without warning other than in tiny print on a menu. Some culprits are Beer Park and Hexx Kitchen at Paris, Senor Frogs at Treasure Island, and Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood. Scott at

Pretend “Penny” Pinching

Don’t be fooled by innocent-looking Penny Slots, you’ll likely end up dropping over 50 cents to $1 on each spin.

Low Down, Downtown Prices

Just about everything is cheaper in downtown Vegas; rooms, drinks, food, even gambling table limits.