Travel tips

Shoulder season is the BEST time to travel

Shoulder season is brilliant for a variety of reasons. Firstly there are less people and the weather is usually still great, but the most appealing reason is that it’s always cheaper. You’ll get cheaper flights, cheaper accommodation and even cheaper entrance fees. So shoulder season is the sweet spot for anyone wanting to save money whilst travelling.

Take advantage of free walking tours/travel experiences

Most cities nowadays seem to offer some form of free walking tour and over the years Bradley and I have partaken in quite a few. They are a great way to get some extra insight into a destination and work out sights you want to return too. We did one in Rome which was excellent, and in Buenos Aires which was fantastic! Of course when they mean free, it doesn’t mean totally free. You should give your guide a tip, as that’s what their earnings are based on! It’ll always cost less than actually forking out for a tour.

If you’re still a student - don’t forget your student card for discounts

We aren’t students any more, but when I went to South America, I still had a valid in-date student card and was able to get some great discounts, especially on famous sights in Rio de Janeiro. You’ll also get lots of discounts throughout Europe, so it’s definitely worth bringing your student card with you on your travels.

Book a hotel/hostel that includes breakfast

Tonnes of hotels and hostels include breakfast in their rate, but if they don’t, you’ll often have the option to add it on. In Asia, this typically costs an extra $1-2 so it’s worth doing. When possible, we try and choose an accommodation option that includes our breakfast. That’s one less meal we have to worry about paying for! If you’re really tight on money, you could also book accommodation that has cooking facilities so you can cook your own lunch and dinner.

Lunchtime always has the best meal deals in restaurants

We’ve found this to be the case in many countries all around the world, such as Bolivia, France, Ireland, Peru, and Spain. Lunch time is the time of day you can get great meal deals in restaurants. Typically it could be a set menu for a low price (in Bolivia it’s $2 for a 3 course meal!), or all lunch dishes are $5, and things like that. So if you want cheaper food, then have your bigger meal at lunch time and something smaller for dinner.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

In many countries, when you’re at a market or even trying to buy a tour from a local street vendor, haggling is expected. Of course there is a fine line between getting a great deal and offending someone. Naturally, when locals expect you to haggle, they start you off at a price that’s crazy high (something you would never pay back home), that’s because they expect you to cut it by half and start your negotiations from there. Sometimes, if you’re haggling for the sake of a couple of dollars it’s not worth it, so you may just want to pay the little extra. But haggling can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, and a great way to share a joke with a local!

Bring enough underwear for at least a week

I guess this also applies to all clothing. Basically pack enough clothes for a week. I’m not talking about full outfits either, it’s easy to bring 2 pairs of shorts and a couple of tops and suddenly you’ve got like 5 different outfits. But always pack a week's worth of underwear. I actually bring about 10 days worth, simply because I always seem to lose something.

Understand you might be understandable

Just because he looks Caucasian, doesn’t mean he speaks English. And just because she looks Asian, doesn’t mean she can’t understand your French! Be wary of mouthing off when you think you’re speaking a language no one around you speaks. You never know who understands what. Tika Larasati, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Indonesia

Tiger Balm is medicine of the gods

This Singaporean-made balm not only soothes sore muscles after a lot of travelling but also works as an insect repellent to keep the little biting beasties away. More: World’s worst biting bugs: how to avoid insect attack Louise McCloy, Skyscanner Search Marketing Executive

Be loyal

If you’re looking for ways to get a flight upgrade, then join the airline’s loyalty programme. Even if it’s the lowest level, you still get rewarded first. More: 15 ways to get a flight upgrade Ewan Gray, Skyscanner Director Sales and Business Development, APAC