Travel tips

Get travel insurance

Always take out travel insurance (and don’t rely on credit card insurance alone). It sounds obvious but lots of people don’t bother, and end up losing a lot of money when things go wrong. More: 10 ways to void your travel insurance Philippa Waygood, Skyscanner Training Co-ordinator

Sync your sleep

To get over jetlag quickly on arrival, try to sync your sleeping pattern with the new time zone immediately. More: How to avoid jet lag Kirsty Donnelly, Skyscanner Recruitment Assistant

Be flexible

The more flexible you can be with your travel plans, the more money you’ll save (you’ll be able to travel at cheaper times and get better rates). Use Skyscanner’s handy month charts to find the cheapest days to fly in any given month. More: 20 money saving travel tips and secrets Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor

Get a guide

When visiting cultural monuments, always take the offer of a local guide. It will open your eyes to so much more than if you try and go it alone or just use a guide book. Andy Sleigh, Skyscanner General Manager, APAC

Pack a pack of cards

A game of cards is not only useful to while away the hours during the inevitable delays, but also a great cross- cultural barrier breaker. Andy Sleigh, Skyscanner General Manager, APAC

Don’t carry (too much) cash

I can’t remember visiting a country in the last 10 years that doesn’t have ATMs, so there’s really no need to carry about more cash than you need for a couple of days. Charlie Pank, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

Never exchange money in your hotel

Instead, shop around for best rate. Find a credit/debit card that doesn’t charge for purchases abroad, and don’t bother with traveller’s cheques anymore. More: 10 secrets of foreign currency exchange Cat McGloin, Skyscanner PR Assistant

Bring a money belt AND a wallet

There’s a dual purpose to this: if you get mugged you can calmly hand over the wallet and carry on your holiday with minimum hassle. If you meet new friends, use the wallet, as it can be a bit insulting to go into a money belt to pay for your beers. David Wilson, Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

Use body language

When there’s a language barrier, shouting in your own language is not going to get you far. Instead, use your body. It’s the most international language in the entire world. Don’t forget to translate a full stop with a smile. Tika Larasati, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Indonesia Say it with sign language – watch our video below: tp://

Recognise that we’re all the same

It’s only by travelling that you realise every society is as fractious and plural in their views as your own. Gareth Williams, Skyscanner CEO