Truckers tips

Use Apps in Split Mode

The M1 iPad Pro’s display is big enough to use two apps side-by-side. When an app is open, simply swipe up to bring the Dock. Hold the app and drag the app to the left or right edge to pin it there.  Now you can use Twitter and browse Safari at the same time.

Integrate a Floating App

The iPadOS 14 isn’t limited to viewing two apps at a time. You can bring in a third floating app in Slide Over view. Drag in an app from the Dock and drop it on top of the two active apps. The floating app will stay on top, and you can move it to the left or the right. You can dismiss it as well by swiping horizontally off the screen (and bring it back later).

Drag and Drop Between Apps

This is another neat trick for productivity gurus out there. When using apps in the split mode, you can drag a text, image, or weblink from one app and drop it to another. All Apple apps and most third-party apps support the drag and drop method. The trick is useful when you are writing a research paper in Word and want to add text and images from the web. Open the Safari browser in the split mode and use the drag and drop method to quickly add media in the Word file.

Master Keyboard Shortcuts

If you intend to use the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard or any other dedicated keyboard, it would be good to know about the various keyboard shortcuts so that you don’t always have to use the touch screen. You can do this by holding down the Cmd key, which will highlight all the supported keyboard shortcuts of an app.

Connect  External Trackpad and Mouse

iPadOS has native support for an external trackpad and mouse. The cursor support makes it convenient to select and edit text. It also makes other tasks easier that require more precision than what your fingers can offer. The mouse and trackpad support isn’t limited to Apple’s Magic Keyboard with trackpad. You can use any third-party wireless mouse and keyboard with iPad Pro.

Tap Apple Pencil on Screen to Quickly Take Notes

Quickly tap on the iPad Pro screen to automatically wake up the display and open a blank note in the Notes app. This way, you can quickly start scribbling without the need to navigate the Notes UI.

Customize Apple Pencil Buttons

The Apple Pencil has a gesture pad on the side. And it has two actions – a single tap and a double tap. In the Notes app, you can use tap to switch to the erase tool. The best thing is that app developers will be able to customize this feature. So if you’re in a creative app, look for the option in the app’s settings.

Invest in a Wi-Fi 6 Compatible Router

The 2021 M1 iPad supports Wi-Fi 6 out of the box. Fast wireless connections are critical to getting things done. With Wi‑Fi 6, rest assured that you’ve got the fastest Wi‑Fi available.

Connect to External Display

Many people are going to use the M1 iPad Pro with an external monitor. The USB-C/Thunderbolt port on the M1 iPad can be used to mirror your iPad Pro’s display or use as a secondary display in selected apps. The GPU inside the 2021 iPad Pro is powerful enough to support up to 6K resolution displays.

Pay attention.

When you take the exit to the truck stop, look at the exit and the signs and make sure you know how to get back to the highway. There are many kinds of exits and many ways to exit, but only certain ones will lead you in the right direction. And with out-of-route miles being so important, you want to keep them to a minimum. Not to mention you could get lost taking the wrong turn. I know where I-40 is, but I don't necessarily know the community behind and around it. Thanks again to my husband, Joe Nader. Not getting lost is a big advantage!