Trucks tips

Pack a hairdryer

A hairdryer can be used for more than just giving you good hair.  You can use a hairdryer to thaw frozen pipes or to blow warm air onto cold kindling when lighting a campfire.

Bring a basic tool kit

Be prepared to make minor repairs if you need to by having a basic tool kit with just the essentials. This includes a screwdriver or cordless drill, a few different bits, some screws, an electrical tester, and wrenches like a torque wrench.

Use an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot pressure cooker will allow you to make almost effortless, delicious meals in a lot less time than traditional cooking methods. You simply put the ingredients in, set it, and the Instant Pot takes it from there.  Bonus: You can vent the Instant Pot outdoors, so cooking won’t add to the humidity levels in your RV. Get recipe inspiration from Do It Yourself RV

Replace your RV showerhead

This trick will help to conserve water, while still having decent water pressure.  The Oxygenics showerhead makes it possible to enjoy longer, better showers in the RV. Read more about replacing your RV showerhead from Do It Yourself RV.

Use Command broom holders to hold flashlights or wrenches

3M Command broom holders are great for keeping flashlights and wrenches handy in your basement storage areas or inside the RV.

Mount towel bars (and other things) on your walls with exterior grade Gorilla mounting tape

Exterior grade Gorilla mounting tape adheres to RV walls much better than Command strips or anything else we’ve found.

Level your RV before filling your freshwater tank

Leveling your RV before filling your tank will ensure that you are really getting a full tank.

Know the height of your rig

Find out how high your rig is.  Write the height on a label or piece of masking tape, and put it on your dashboard.  Watch for low-hanging branches and take note of the height of overpasses before you proceed. Use an RV-safe GPS to make sure you have a safe route.

Use an RV departure checklist

There is nothing like getting on the road and finding out that you forgot to unplug your shore power cord.  There are a lot of things to remember before you pull out. A visual checklist, either printed or on your smartphone, will help to ensure you don’t forget anything.  Print out this free RV Departure Checklist and keep it somewhere easy to access.

Pack some pine cones

What? Pine cones? Yes! Pine cones aren’t just for Christmas decor.  Pine cones are also nature’s perfect firestarter and readily burst into enough flames to start kindling when you put a flame to them.