Top 10 Tutorial tips

You can use quartz slabs instead of white concrete slabs, even though they don't exist.

Check in with local businesses if you plan on skating in front of them so you don't get kicked out or aressted.

I just got out of jail for skating in front of a business so check in with them first unless you want a criminal record

The ‘pick block’ control isn’t set by default. Once set just hover over a block in the world and press the control to pick the block out of your inventory if you have it. Saves a lot of time from opening your inventory and moving things around.

Rusty Doors and Trapdoors can be replaced by wooden stuff and iron blocks can be replaced polished granite

Switch to classic ui for a more fluid java like experience.

You can put a light source under a trapdoor, slab, carpet, and more. The room will still be lit up! So say, "Bye!" to all of those ugly light sources!