Two best friends play tips

Create voice profiles

In addition to having multiple accounts linked to a single Alexa speaker, you can set up voice profiles, which enables Alexa to distinguish who is issuing commands and provide personalized results. For instance, if you say, "Alexa, what's on my calendar?" Alexa will read the upcoming events from your calendar. And if your significant other tells Alexa to play music, it will select music based on their personal music tastes.

Make profiles for every family member

If multiple people in your home have Amazon accounts, you can add them to your Alexa household profile. To check which profile is currently being used, simply ask, "Alexa, which profile is this?" And to switch profiles, say, "Alexa, switch profiles." While adding additional members doesn't give you separate shopping or to-do lists, it does allow you to share content libraries. Beware, though, as it also allows them to use your Prime account to order items.

Always receive notifications of a particular person’s posts

If you want to keep an eye on a friend’s Facebook activity or when you find out they’ve shared anything, clicking on the Friends option in their profile will bring up a menu from which click on Get Notifications option. Read Also: How to delete an Instagram account

Turn off birthday notifications

If you’re tired of the daily friends’ birthday notifications on Facebook, you can turn them off. You can turn off the Birthday option by going to Notifications in Account Settings.

Adjusting the number of received notifications

You can also limit the number of your notifications on Facebook. To do this, go to Account Settings in Desktop and Phone, go to Notifications and adjust the number.

Turn on the login alert

Facebook’s login alerts and login approvals can be turned on by going to the security settings in the desktop and mobile app. You can choose to receive a notification or email whenever your account is logged in. When adopting the login approval system, you have to enter a code every time before logging in to Facebook on any new device.

Hide specific photo albums and events in your timeline

If you’ve uploaded a photo album that you don’t want others to see and don’t want to delete, you can hide it. Click the small gray icon at the top of the photo album or post and limit it to your own. Or you can remove it from the public and restrict it to friends or specific people.

Save DualSense Battery Life

As I have mentioned before, the PS5 DualSense controller offers many new features, including a built-in mic, adaptive triggers, etc. While all of that is cool, it also means that it’s prone to running out of battery faster than the old DualShock 4 controller. If you want to extend the battery life of your PS5 controller, you should consider turning it off when you’re not using it. You can check out our article on how to turn off the DualSense controller.

Hide your friends list from everyone

If for some reason you don’t want people to see who your friends are, you can hide your friends’ list. Click ‘Manage’ on your friends list on the desktop and then edit privacy. You can then change the viewer’s option in the friends list.

What is the difference between friends and followers on Facebook?

There are two ways to connect with someone on Facebook, become friends, or start following them. Being friends means that you and the other person are allowed to share each other’s posts, while the following means that the person cannot add you as a friend. When someone follows you, they see the same posts that you share publicly. You can also prevent people from following your account at any time by going to the Followers section in Account Settings.