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Check Your AirTag’s Battery Life

AirTag comes with a user-replaceable CR2032 battery. Though Apple claims that the CR2032 battery will last you a year on regular use, it might fall short depending on how you use the item tracker. Hence, it is better to keep track of the battery life of the AirTag so that you know how much juice you have left in the tank. I know this may seem trivial but will prove to be one of the best AirTag tips and tricks in the long run. We have already compiled a detailed guide on how to check your AirTag’s battery life, and you can read the linked article for all the information. Also, we include the steps to replace the AirTag’s battery in this guide.

3] Rotten eggs sell for 5,000 Kijuju buckaroos...

Also, they do damage to enemies if thrown at them. There is an achievement tied to killing an enemy that way. Also also, rotten eggs are the rarest eggs, IIRC.

When Pat stops talking about Outer Wilds, skip to minute 59 to resume the podcast.

Pause the battle when you want to queue up a medpac.

Woolie, your frustration at energy shields and adrenals always coming up before your health items is fair. Trying to scroll to medpac while you spend a few rounds taking hits sucks. But there’s a way to not make it a problem anymore....also you might want to use pause more often in general, y’know, just saying.EDIT: Lol. Made this post after I watched the part where he was complaining about it, but before I saw the last minute of the video where he started pausing to queue up his medpacs out of nowhere. So this is what having Crazy Talk as a stand is like....

All cinematic QTE's can be beaten by mashing all facebuttons and triggers throught the cinematic.

It is super lenient. If you want to go faster you can also mash select/back or whatever equivalent to skip the rest of the cinematic and get right to the QTE.Unless they changed it in the remaster. I doubt it, though.

Keep Tabs on Your Chapter Goals, Daily Quests, and Achievements

• The main tasks that’ll keep you going in Star Chef 2 are the chapter goals, daily quests, and achievements. Completing chapter goals will earn you plenty of coins and other useful goodies. Taking care of all of your daily quests whenever they become available again helps you earn chest tokens for prize-filled chests, coins, and baskets for your market purchasing needs. And knocking out achievements nets you extra cash and XP points. • So be sure to focus your daily gameplay sessions around these mission types in order to follow a well-defined path towards progress. Checking in every day whether you’re playing or not should also be on your to-do list. That way, you can earn even more free coins and eventually earn the valuable items contained within the lauded Mystery Box. See Also

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Fill Every Chef Box Slot During Your Chef Masters Activities

• The Chef Masters minigame challenges you to compete with other players as you attempt to cook and serve as many people as possible. Attaining a victory during this minigame helps you earn Chef Boxes, which contain dish mastery cards that go towards upgrading the coin earning benefits of various dishes for your restaurant. Three of the chef box slots can be filled with the treasure chests earned from winning a Chef Masters competition, so make sure you fill all three slots before you log off for the day. Bronze chests don’t take too long to open, so make sure you set them to opening up while you play the game and tend to some other activities. • When you’re about to log-off, set the silver and gold chef boxes to unlocking mode since it takes far longer to crack them open. Also, be sure to check in every day to claim your daily chef box as well. Winning as much as possible also nets you the medals needed to crack open the purple box, so keep that in mind while you play the Chef Masters game on a daily basis.

These Two Cash Purchases are Essential

• Cash is the other type of valuable currency you’ll need in order to progress further within Star Chef 2. Since cash is a lot harder to come by, you’ll need to be smart with your cash purchases. Cash can be earned by completing achievements and through the daily wheel spins. • Whenever you have a good amount of cash in your purse, you should only put them towards these two purchases – new dish slots for your cooking stations and item slots for the Chef Store. Doing so helps you cook more dishes at the same time and fulfill even more orders simultaneously. Completing the other purchase helps you sell off more items and earn even more coins in the process. No need to waste your cash on instantly completing dishes or purchasing the vegetables you’re lacking for a recipe.

Rack Up Those Coins Through Various Means

• Getting that valuable coin currency is a pretty simple affair – there are tons of ways you can do so. Be sure to cook up all types of dishes and grow vegetables so you can sell them off within every unlocked slot in the Chef Store. Be sure to fulfill the many orders that are requested by your restaurant visitors. Complete the numerous chapter goals that come from the chefs within your establishment and do the same for Daily Quests. • Spin the daily wheel and you may even earn some coins in that manner as well. Coins are required since they’re used to purchase new dish making appliances, other types of building add-ons/real estate space that livens up your restaurant, and Dish Mastery upgrades that earn you more coins per table order for numerous delicacies. Try your best to save up as many coins as possible so you can get your hands on those brand new appliances since they’ll increase your coin intake over time. You’ll also need to save up your coins in order to purchase the veggies you need from the Food Truck – when you run out of that food type, you’ll have no choice but to take a trip to the Food Truck and restock. And finally, earn as many coins as you can so you can eventually widen your restaurant space through construction means.

Restaraunt Patrons are Extremely Patient, So Finish a Ton of Other Tasks While They Await Their Orders

• The various individuals and groups that frequent your place of dining are extremely patient. So much so that they’ll never leave your restaurant until you serve them what they desire. There will be times where they’ll ask for a dish made from an entirely new recipe, which usually means you’ll need to place a new cooking appliance within your restaurant and acquire various ingredients from your growing fields or the supermarket. During these instances, be sure to tend to the people within your establishment that require dishes that can actually be cooked without much trouble. That way, you can earn more coins and XP in the meantime while your other hungry customers await the arrival of brand new dishes. You can also get more XP as you plant and harvest your vegetables while dishes are being made. • As you earn more coins and XP through this process, you’ll earn the currency needed to purchase ingredients and unlock new appliances for your restaurant. And in turn, you’ll eventually level up and unlock those new recipes that will satiate your patrons’ hunger. It may take a while to collect the coins needed to purchase brand new appliances, but those purchases pay off handsomely due to the new dishes they add to your catering menu. By the way, serving tables gets you the stars you need to crack open the Star Chest, which usually includes the tools required to expand your place of business and upgrade your food storage. Try to unlock at least one of these chest types on a daily basis.