Walt disney world tips

Only pay for ticket extras you need

Water Parks cost extra on top of basic tickets. Only pay for them if you intend to visit.

Buy a Park Hopper Ticket

Even with the current changes, we think Park Hopper Tickets are worth paying for. Visit our guide to learn more about Disney Park Tickets.

Consider travel time when planning

If you are late for a Dining Reservation, you are not guaranteed admission. Walt Disney World is big, and getting between places takes some time. You must allow adequate time when working between parks.

Consider not hiring a car

We think hiring a car is often an unnecessary expense when visiting Walt Disney World.

Don’t forget a face covering

Who would have anticipated in 2021 face masks would be essential to enter Walt Disney World? Face masks for a short period had become unnecessary when visiting Walt Disney World, but the rules have recently changed again. This will likely change regularly during the coming months, and we suggest checking the latest guidance before you visit.

Use Disney Transport

When you stay on-site at Disney, you have access to free transportation to the parks and Disney Springs. To learn more, visit our Guide to Disney Transport.

Budget for extra expenses

Before you arrive, you will probably have paid for your hotel and park tickets, but remember that dining, gratuities, and souvenirs are not cheap.

Don’t drink too much alcohol in Epcot

Drinking around the World is a fun Disney experience. Just remember, the Florida sun can be unforgiving if you drink a bit too much alcohol.

If there are 2 lines take the left side one

It is all based on the side of the road we drive on. Usually, the left side lane is shorter.

Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at night

The ride is much better at night. A better dark ride than even Space Mountain!