Walt disney world tips

Replace dinner with a meal at a lounge or bar.

Some bars and lounges found at most resorts actually offer some really tasty options and bar snacks. So if you’re not looking for a traditional meal but instead want to to snack on tasty goodies, give this a shot. Wine Bar George at Disney Springs for example has insanely tasty small plates. Pair it with a wine and you’re golden.

Snacks can be an alternative to meals, especially breakfast.

You don’t necessarily have to eat a traditional breakfast to get filled up. The parks usually sell fresh fruit, muffins, and breakfast pastries which are perfect breakfast substitutes.

Eat breakfast as your biggest meal.

If you’re on a tight budget, be sure to eat breakfast as your biggest meal because it’s generally the cheapest meal. So be sure to opt for a breakfast buffet to truly get your money’s worth.

Ask for the prices of “entree-only” at quick service restaurants.

Generally at quick service restaurants you can order your meal without any sides. The prices on the menu generally reflect the combo price so be sure to ask the cast member (cashier) about their entree only prices.

Take a free restaurant culinary tour and get free samples of their popular selections.

By taking a free food tour at select restaurants like Jiko, Boma, and Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’ll get free samples of their popular foods.

Skip the citrus swirl and opt for the Dole Whip.

The Citrus Swirl sucks. Dole whip is far superior so don’t waste your time or money on that bitter garbage.

Book a Club level resort room and get free continental breakfast, drinks, wine/alcohol, desserts, and hors d’oeuvres.

Want to save on breakfast and drink costs at your resort, while living it up – go Club Level. (And yes, I understand that the costs are factored in, but there’s no harm living like a King.)

Restaurants around Magic Kingdom are better than those found in the park.

Now don’t get me wrong, the restaurant in MK aren’t horrible. It’s just that there’s better options just a monorail or boat ride away like the Grand Floridian Cafe, Kona Cafe, and even the Wave for a quiet meal.

If you’re celebrating something, make a note on the reservation

You’ll generally receive some candles or even a complimentary dessert.

Never buy water again. Get free iced water from all quick service restaurants.

Iced water is always free at Disney and they’ll even give you a big cup with a lid and straw. Not too shabby if you ask me. Just remember, it is Florida water, so it’s “different.”