Walt disney world tips

Share a drink

Walt Disney World sodas are large. Why not share a soda?

Use Bell Services at your resort

If you arrive early or have a late flight, you can still enjoy the parks. Leave your luggage with Bell Services, where it will be safe.

You can’t spread ashes at Walt Disney World

This is strictly not allowed but is a regular occurrence. Uncle Henry is more likely to end up in a Henry than on Dumbo! If you ever hear a cast member say White Powder Alert or Code 101, ashes have just been discovered.

See Walt’s original vision for Epcot

Epcot was initially intended to be a Utopian City of the future planned by Walt Disney. His original vision did not materialize, but the name resurfaced for the 2nd Walt Disney World Park. Walt Disney’s original plans for Epcot can be seen when riding Tomorrowland Transit Authority.

Try and spot Hidden Mickeys

There are thousands of Hidden Mickeys throughout the resort, and more are added with each change. Hidden Mickeys inserted subtly into the design of a ride, attraction, or other location. Why not have a competition to see who can find the most?

Can I have a Pepsi with that?

Pepsi isn’t sold at Walt Disney World. However, more than 50 million Cokes will be each year.

Try and spot Mr Toad

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was an original park favorite, and there were many protests before its closure. Toad can still be seen in a picture at Winnie the Pooh, where he hands over the deeds to the ride to Owl. In the pet cemetery of the Haunted Mansion, there is a tombstone for J.Thaddeus Toad.

Don’t drop rubbish

There are absolutely no excuses for dropping rubbish at Walt Disney World. You never need to walk more than 30 steps to find your nearest trash can.

Need to get to The Magic Kingdom from Disney Springs?

Take a bus to the Contemporary Resort, and it is just a short walk to the park.

Benefits are similar no matter what Disney Resort you stay in

A Deluxe Resort is more comfortable, but the majority of resort benefits are provided to all guests. Value Resorts are sometimes great value for money. However, the new Extended Evening Hours is only for Deluxe Resort Guests.