Windows10 tips

Voice Recorder (Windows 10 Tips and Tricks)

If we Talk about Screen Recorder, Windows 10 comes with the amazing  Xbox app, and within that is a screen recorder function that you can use in other apps. For Voice Recorder:

  • On the other hand, go to Search Menu.
  • Type “Voice Recorder”.
  • Click on Start and Enjoy Voice Recorder.

New Ribbon Menu in File Explorer

Much like late forms of Microsoft Office, the new File Explorer utilizes what is known as a Ribbon menu. When you click one of the menu alternatives close to the highest point of the screen (File, Home, Share, or View), this new menu will show up.

Excellent Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 Beginners

With Microsoft Edge browser, it’s time go clean because unlike old Internet Explorer cluttered interface, the Windows new default web browser Microsoft Edge has been re-written from scratch. So obviously, it has got many powerful features that’ll catch your attention, and you may fall in love with it. So have a look at Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks:

Feng shui your space with a customizable start menu

There are a number of little tricks you can do to improve your start menu in Windows 10. First, you can unpin all the defaults which Windows have put on there. I have no need for most of the stuff Windows is pushing me toward. So I simply right-click and unpin. If you really want to make your start menu as useful as possible, I recommend thinking about what core programs or websites you need quick access to, and only including those on your menu. You can right-click on each and select Resize to choose how much space they take up. This way, you remove the clutter and have speedy access to exactly what you need.

Personalize your desktop for that stylish workspace

This one isn’t new. I remember the hours of fun I had making my first copy of Windows XP look like Windows 95, customizing everything I could. Windows have seemingly realized they don’t need to include all the customization features they had in the past. Yet, with the current existing features, it’s quite easy to create small stylish changes to make your desktop that bit more personal. Sometimes it’s just nicer to feel a sense of ownership over your space. For those who like subtle customizations, a quick Google Chrome extension tip: you can use an extension like Momentum to customize your new tabs when browsing in Chrome – adding nice images, motivational quotes, and to do lists. FYI.

Clean installs can declutter your machine

A clean install pretty much gives you a fresh version of Windows unencumbered by the previous data held by your existing apps or programs. If you want to do a clean install, it’s probably best to consider backing up your existing data. If you want to learn about how to do that, then try this CNet article on backing up. To run a clean install, simply go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC. Once you click the provided option Get Started, you’ll be presented with two or three more options, depending on your version. You can choose the top option to remove all programs but keep your files. Or the second option which clears everything and runs Windows 10 fresh. You might also be presented with a third option which returns you to factory settings – only select this option if your PC came with Windows 10, not if you upgraded.

List Of Windows CMD Tricks.

CMD means command prompt is an executable command-line interpreter which helps to serve various functions in the windows OS. Windows provide this command service similar to other command line & DOS shells provides for UNIX. This provides root access to various features. So with the help this we can perform various windows tricks and hacks. To know some great and helpful CMD tricks go through our full guide below.

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Restart your PC

Another highly recommended trick to speed up Windows 10 is to restart your PC. Many people don't know how effective this trick is but it does work wonders for your system. It is just like giving your system a fresh start after prolonged use. Restarting your computer helps in clearing out actions that you no longer need. Abandoned actions tend to slow down performance even if they are no longer in use. If you notice a kind of slowness in the way you system functions, restarting windows will do it a world of good.

Eradicate Bloatware

Bloatware affect CPUs tremendously and eradicating them will improve the performance health of your PC. Run a quick scan: Run a scan to find bloatware taking up space on your system. There are many ways to scan for them but I find anti-virus applications to be most effective Delete them: A quick scan may take between 5-10 or more minutes depending on the size of your hard disk, the volume of files, or/and the extent of Bloatware invasion. If bloatware are identified, get rid of them by following system commands.

Get help from the Performance Monitor

You can also speed up Windows 10 by using the performance monitor tool on your PC. This tool will help you to get system details regarding performance-related issues and suggest effective fixes. To use the Performance Monitor. Get the report: Go to your search box and type the keyword "Perfmon/report" and press the Enter key. This will enable the Monitor to gather important system information. The Monitor will provide you with a report in a few minutes. Skim through the data: The monitor will provide you with gazillions of details they may be too much for you to process on time. To hasten the process, look for bigger issues they have warning indicators. The Performance Monitor will tell you how to fix each issue identified.