Windows10 tips

Start Button not Working.

If the start button isn't working as a result of patch 10586, the easiest way is to do a manual update of windows. As a result of this bug, the start menu and task bar do not work for anything beyond opening task manager. To fix this, use windows media creation tool to 'update' to windows 10. This will result in the latest patch being installed, fixing your issue.EDIT: this actually reinstalls the image, fixing registry errors.

Size down the Groove app to make it look like a minimalistic music player like with WMP 12

Stuck on "Checking for updates..." on Windows 10 Media Creation Tool? Restart the "Windows Update" Service to move it along.

Simply type in "services" in the search bar to open up the services.msc console. Find the Windows Update service while it says "Checking for updates..." and click Restart. It will either move the installer to the next step, or, on the percentage based screens, it will move the percentage along (you may have to restart it multiple times to get it to 100%). This has worked on every computer I have installed Windows 10 on. Hope it helps!

How to search by multiple genre in Windows Media Player (WMP).

When you're in a navigation pane (apart from Genre), you can search a genre like this - "genre:jazz" But lets say you want to search both by Jazz and Piano. Now what? Well, you do the same thing you do on Windows, that is type "genre:jazz genre:piano" And this works for other tags too. This combined with AND-OR operators makes WMP search really powerful

We are getting search ready..." possible fix.

I've had the dreaded "We are getting search ready..." message whenever I tried to search for anything via the Start menu - its been driving me mad since launch but I didn't want to reinstall again. Yesterday I came across this post which had a PowerShell command that has finally fixed my issue!Essentially you run PowerShell as administrator and use the following command: Get-AppXPackage -Name Microsoft.Windows.Cortana | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}For me it was an instant fix - I had tried changing indexing options, rebuilding the index several times, stopping services and processes, deleting the index database, restarting... Nothing made any difference but this did so hopefully others will find this useful.

Easier way of accessing C:\ on bash.

The drive C in bash on Windows is located in /mnt/c/ and a simplier method of accessing it is making a link in / to either C or win like I did. Most of people that have any use of bash probably already know this, but I thought it may help some.Open up bash (Another tip, put the hotkey of the shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+T for easirt GNU/Linux like access) and type in these commands:1. sudo mkdir /C/2. ln -s /mnt/C/ /C/And it should work as supposed, just like this. And yea, I added an alias to sudo named "fucking". Sometimes I get mad ;)You can use this method for other folders like User Files, Programs and the like, for easier access.EDIT: I added my user folders from my D:\ partition to /home/denaxin/XXXAs I said, this is a very simple command, and most advanced users probably already know it.Take care :3