Top 10 Windows10 tips

Dark Mode

This tricks for windows 10 is for those people who are a big fan of Dark Mode. With windows 10 we can apply this dark mode to give some nice feeling to our eyes. To enable this, go to Settings ➜ Personalization ➜ Colors and select Dark from Choose Your Colour dropdown options. You can also set it to Custom and select default window mode as Dark whereas default app mode to Light as well.

Create Quick Parts for Default Responses to Common Questions

If you spend a lot of time typing the same answers to questions you get repeatedly, create Quick Parts to insert that text into email replies in just a few clicks. No need to keep typing the same thing over and over again or having to find an old response to copy and paste. When you’ve finished typing a response that you expect to need to send again, follow the steps below to save the text as a Quick Part:

  • Highlight the text you want to save in the email, and click the "Insert" tab.
  1. Within the "Insert" menu, click "Quick Parts," and select "Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery."
  2. Give your new Quick Part a descriptive name, and click "OK." With this Quick Part saved, you can now add that text to any email with just a couple clicks. With your cursor in the body section of the email, click the "Insert" tab. Click "Quick Parts," and then select the Quick Part you want to insert. The prewritten text will automatically appear in the body of your email, and you can edit and customize it as needed for your new response.

Use Quick Steps to Take Instant Action on New Email

If you’ve had success with the previous Outlook tips and are interested in getting into more advanced email management, it’s time to take a look at Quick Steps. Quick Steps allow you to automatically perform long strings of actions based on a trigger. Say at the end of the month you receive a series of invoices from vendors or contractors. Your normal process is to review the invoices, forward the invoices to your accountant, and create a reminder to follow up with the accountant a week later to make sure the invoices were paid. Quick Steps can take care of the last two steps for you with fewer clicks than if you performed the tasks manually:

  • Click the "Create New" button in the Quick Steps section of the Home ribbon.
  1. Give the new Quick Step a descriptive name, and select the first action: "Forward."
  2. Type your accountant’s email address into the "To" field.
  3. Click the "Add Action" button to select the second action: "Create a task with attachment."
  4. Click "Finish" to create the Quick Step. After you review an invoice, you can now execute the Quick Step to forward the email and create a reminder task. Select an email containing an invoice, and click the appropriate Quick Step in the Home ribbon. The email forward and task windows will open automatically. Click Send to forward the email, and set a due date and reminder for the task before saving, if you'd like. There are many different ways to use Quick Steps to speed up email processing. Spend some time thinking about the repetitive actions you take on emails, and set up Quick Steps to make managing your emails so much quicker and almost painless.

Emoji Menu

We have include Emoji Menu in our number 9 of windows 10 tips and tricks lists. To trigger this menu anywhere, you need to press “windows+.“, here “. (period)” is not from the numeric keypad. You can open this emoji menu windows whenever you want to add emoji somewhere. This might be useful while commenting on a different platform like Youtube, Facebook, and so on.

Nearby Sharing

Next on our list is windows nearby sharing. To turn on this feature you need to go to Settings ➜ System ➜ Shared experiences ➜ Turn on Nearby Sharing. You can set either you want to receive from Everyone nearby or from your device only as well. Once, you set it on, you can send images, documents, or any page link from the browser to the nearby devices. You can find this nearby sharing toggle in the windows notification panel, located at the bottom right corner, from there you can easily turn it off once the sharing is completed.

Automate Outlook 365 and Your Other Favorite Apps

If you use the Office 365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise editions, you can connect Outlook to over 750 other apps and streamline even more email workflows. For example, you can send new emails you get from a specific sender to Slack or create a new Trello card for new emails sent to a specific Outlook folder. See all the Office 365 integrations available on Zapier or use one of the workflow templates ("Zaps") to get started right away:

Use Bing Translate

This is yet another useful function integrated into the Windows 11 Start menu. Hit the Windows key, and you can type ‘translate beautiful in Spanish’ and Bing will translate words and phrases for you. It’s quite useful and you don’t need to open the browser just for translating words.

Turn on Night Light

Another small but nifty addition to Windows is a feature called Night Light. What this feature does is that it removes all the blue light from your screen which is a big reason behind why we remain awake late at night. If you work on your laptop in the night and don’t want it to affect your sleeping habits, you need to turn this feature on. You can either manually enable this feature whenever you want to or you can schedule Night Light which will enable this feature at a specific time of day. To enable Night Light, go to Settings -> System -> Display, and turn on the toggle next to Night Light. You can also configure the intensity of Night Light and schedule its time by clicking on the “Night light settings” option marked in the picture below.

Record your PC

Previously, capturing a screenshot or recording a screencast wasn’t possible without the use of third-party software. However, that’s not the case with Windows 10. All you have to do is press Win + G and you will be presented with the tiny Windows Game bar with all the necessary options, courtesy the Xbox app. Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Win + G+ PrntScr – Screenshot
  • Win + Alt + R – Screen Recordings

Check Stock Market Price

Want to check the current Tesla market value? You can do it right from the Windows 11 Start menu. Click on the Windows key and type Tesla share price and Bing will display the current price with one-year history. The Windows 11 search menu is powered by Microsoft Bing. These are some of the many ways to make use of it. You can also type any query and open the search results from the browser.